Between the 19th – 24th February 2017, Forward Thinking held meetings in Gaza, Ramallah and Hebron with political figures from across the spectrum of Palestinian politics. This allowed for detailed insights to be given regarding the challenges facing Palestinians, whilst providing space to explore possible responses to such challenges. In particular, discussions focused on possible municipal elections and the challenges imposed by Palestinian political divisions. Discussions were also held with the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr Sabri Saidam, Palestinian youth and the Palestinian business community. 

 Meetings were also held in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with participants from the Israeli Women’s Conference, facilitated by Forward Thinking in Cambridge in January 2017. These meetings provided an opportunity to gain valuable feedback and to discuss where the dialogue can go from here.  

 Forward Thinking also met a number of European diplomats in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to discuss European perspectives on developments in both Israeli and Palestinian politics, and the broader regional and global context.