On the 12th May 2017 as part of UK ‘Building Bridges’ Programme, Forward Thinking facilitated political literacy and media training in Batley, West Yorkshire.

A diverse group of Islamic scholars, volunteers, project coordinators and  youth leaders were invited from across West Yorkshire to participate in political literacy training with Grant Fisher, Director of Model Westminster, and media training with Emily Buchanan, former BBC Newsnight, BBC Radio 4, BBC World, Development and Religious Affairs Correspondent.

The aim of the training is to build the capacity of key individuals, rooted within community organisations, to effect positive change locally and nationally.

By equipping participants with the skills, confidence and knowledge to engage politically and with the media, first at the regional level, and then at a national level, we hope ensure key insights from within communities are articulated at all levels more effectively. Participants practised effective communication, interview and filming techniques, and were taught how to influence and hold national political and media institutions to account.

Thus far, this initiative has held training in both London and Nottingham, a video of our inaugural London session can be found here.

Images courtesy: Grant Fisher, Model Westminster. More photos from the event can be found here.

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