Between the 4th-8th of September the Director and Middle East Programme manager travelled to Israel and the West Bank and held a series of meetings with representatives from across the political spectrum.

As part of the on-going process of internal Palestinian dialogue facilitated by Forward Thinking, a roundtable meeting of diverse political figures was held in Ramallah. This provided opportunity to discuss recent developments in the region, including the escalation concerning Al Aqsa, as well as identifying challenges and exploring ways of progressing forward. 

A roundtable meeting was also held in Hebron, again bringing together diverse political, academic and activist figures. The meeting explored the growing challenges in the city and how these might be addressed. 

Further meetings were held with Palestinian political leaders, academics and civil society leaders in the West Bank and Jerusalem. These allowed current internal Palestinian dynamics to be discussed and for planning of upcoming activities to take place. 

In addition, Forward Thinking attended a Likud pre-Rosh Hashanah event, providing opportunity to meet with a number of Likud Knesset Members, local political leaders and activists.