On the 15th of January Forward Thinking- in co-operation with RJ Investments Holding Ltd. – held a private working dinner,  “Sharing medical expertise and resources in an age of barriers, boundaries and inequality.”  Discussions built upon a previous meeting, Medical challenges in the MENA region – how to strengthen the response, held on the 11th of October 2017, with a particular focus on developing the recommendations made to date. A number of themes were explored, including both the opportunities – and limits – presented by  new technologies; the importance of developing effective public health systems in addition to responding to immediate crises ; and how to incentivise a new generation of young doctors to become involved in volunteering overseas.

Participants included medical professionals at different stages of their careers, representatives from leading civil society organisations working in the field, members of the business community and influential individuals involved in politics and international affairs. The diversity of participation enabled a holistic discussion of the challenges and opportunities but also established a unique network that is well placed to take forward a number of the suggested action points.