Forward Thinking facilitated three days of meetings in Tbilisi, Georgia, from 25th-28th March 2018, for Knesset Members, officials, political advisers and activists. The meetings were led by Deputy Speaker of the Knesset MK Hilik Bar, and the delegation also included MK Lea Fadida and MK Saleh Sa’d.

The meetings provided opportunity for in-depth discussion concerning the challenges of moving past the current impasse within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The importance of the two-state solution was agreed upon, and it was stressed that more needs to be done to communicate this importance – and the risks should the two-state solution be lost – to Israelis and to the international community. In addition, delegates discussed the significance of effective communication from political parties to different communities throughout Israel, recognising that many constituencies do not know what parties stand for on a range of issues.

In order to move forward, it was noted that a more inclusive process of dialogue is required across the conflict and at all levels, including youth voices and women’s groups. Engagement and¬†learning to understand the narrative of the other are critical factors for improving the current situation.

Delegates agreed that these meetings should work toward concrete, practical actions. To this end, representatives of the Georgian parliament welcomed further meetings to be held in Tbilisi.