Julian Weinberg met with political leaders and civil society in a recent visit to Tunisia to discuss developments in the country.

Tunisia took further steps in its political transition with the conclusion of the first local elections since the revolution in 2011. There is a sense of optimism that local elections will support decentralisation efforts of the government and Parliament long seen as central to delivering on the aims of the revolution in 2011.

However, despite the continued political progress of the country’s transition, the economy continues to struggle. The recent increases in the price of oil, high inflation rates and a depreciating currency value have hit the government and recent efforts in economic reform. The international community will need to continue to prioritise economic support to the country to help it navigate these challenges.

Julian met with a diverse range of figures including representatives from Ennahda, Nidaa Tounes, the UGTT and the Minister for Major Reforms, Mr Tawfiq Rajhi.