Between the 1st-4th of October Oliver McTernan held a series of intensive meetings in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Israel in order to gain insights into current political dynamics and evaluate the current challenges with key individuals on both sides of the conflict. These included meetings in Ramallah and Jerusalem with senior PA officials, as well as representatives of the international community. Meetings in Tel Aviv took place with Israeli officials.

While in Gaza, Oliver participated in two seminars with representatives from civil society and academia. The first, titled “The deal of the century – is it a real opportunity or another false hope?” took place on Tuesday the 2nd and engaged around 30 mature students studying political science. The second seminar, “The Great Return March in Western Media” took place on Wednesday the 3rd and was televised live by Al Jazeera.

Oliver with participants in the seminar “The Deal of the Century – is it a real opportunity or another false hope?”