Between the 16th and 21st of December Forward Thinking held a series of evaluation meetings in Gaza, Hebron, Jerusalem, Nablus and Hebron.

Conversations with senior Palestinian political leaders from diverse factions focused on the steps needed to translate consensus on reconciliation into practical action, and the obstacles to this. In the context of the proposed dissolution of the PLC and the prospect of Israeli elections in early 2019, these were frank discussions about popular disillusionment with political leaderships, the efficacy of efforts to bridge the gap and the need for tangible delivery to bolster talk of political strategy.

The visit also provided the opportunity for figures associated with Northern Ireland’s peace process and power-sharing negotiations to offer insights into practical negotiation strategies, whether the need to be at the table for those ‘hardline’ constituencies who may have previously rejected participation, or the need for all conflicting sides to come away with sufficient gains to present their position as a win to their communities.