Between the 17-19 of June, Oliver and Julian were in Tunisia for a series of meetings. While there, they met with leading figures in political parties and civil society from across the political spectrum including, Ennahdha, Nidaa Tounes, Tahya Tounes, the UGTT and local community organisations.

With parliamentary and presidential elections slated for later this year, political parties are preparing their electoral campaigns.  Enduring economic challenges are likely to dominate the elections, with a number of key economic indicators on a downward trajectory.  A slide in the currency has made debt more expensive, inflation continues to rise, and structural challenges around diversifying and reform the economy remain.  For many, there is a need for new ideas and approaches to the economic challenges the country faces, and the elections can be an opportunity for a national conversation about how Tunisia can overcome them.  

Forward Thinking continue to provide support working with different political parties and social groups facilitating dialogue on issues of pressing concern to support the political transition.