Oliver and Julian visited Iran 4th-9th July. They had been invited by the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS), and the purpose of the visit was to discuss the work of the Helsinki Policy Forum.  

Oliver and Julian had a roundtable meeting with experts at the IPIS exploring the opportunities and challenges across the region.  For too long, conflict has been a constant feature of the region.  Tensions are high across the region, with the potential for further conflict or crises to break out.  For the region to be able to seize the opportunities that lie before it – for example economic development, prosperity and meeting the aspirations of the people of the region – states need to prioritise preventing crises from developing and resolve protracted conflicts.  Whether it is around shared interests and common challenges, or gaining a better understanding of their differences, States in the region need to increase their engagement with one another in the pursuit of stability that is durable and sustainable.  

Oliver and Julian also held meetings in the Foreign Ministry with Directors and Special Advisors to the Foreign Minister focused on the Middle East and Persian Gulf.