Between 18 October- 25 October, Forward Thinking’s Middle East Programme Manager, Jordan Morgan, and Forward Thinking’s Israel Programme Manager, David Lee travelled to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to meet with a range of influential Israelis across the political spectrum. The visit was used for in-depth analysis of the political developments following the inconclusive September elections, the second election held in Israel in less than 6 months. The visit also provided a snap shot in the current status of the Israel/Palestine conflict, talk of which has diminished significantly in the political discourse reflected in the Israeli elections where almost none of the major parties addressed it in their electoral platforms.

The visit included meetings with party advisors from Likud, Yisrael Beitanu and the Labour party. There was little clarity on how a new government will be formed with a range of possible options presented, all feasible options would require compromise from the two largest parties, Likud and Blue and White,  there was a universal recognition that if there is no major compromise from either of these parties then there would be a likelihood of a 3rd election being held in less than a year.

The visit was also an opportunity to engage and meet with a range of influential Israelis helping to develop a number of our Israel Programmes.