As part of our engagement with leaders from the Israeli political right, Forward Thinking hosted a delegation in Belfast and Dublin of Likud party senior political advisers.


Discussions covered a range of topics including the role of leaders and how to balance short term electoral victories with long-term strategy in pursuance of peace and stability. The group met British and Irish figures representing different sectors of society, including police, politicians and civil servants, legal experts and leading figures from the peace negotiating teams. Meetings were held at Stormont, The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, The Dáil Éireannand and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


The continuing impasse affecting the Northern Irish assembly, the uncertainties caused by Brexit and the changing demographic and voting preferences with Northern Ireland made for inciteful and valuable discussion. The experience immersed the group in the complexities of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement and they gained an understanding of the continuing process and work that supports the implementation of the agreement, which in turn maintains peace in the region.