On the 21st November 2019, Forward Thinking facilitated a workshop in Tel Aviv. The workshop was an opportunity identify historical challenges in promoting a resolution to the conflict and to begin exploring ways that could lead to greater engagement and mobilisation of a wider Israeli audience in promoting conflict resolution. Participants identified gaps in the knowledge and skills which, if addressed, could encourage people in their constituencies to be more proactive in developing mechanism of achieving this. Moving forward the initiative will seek to redress these gaps empower leaders to engage with their constituencies in a way that resonates more effectively.

Participants represented diverse Israeli constituencies including the Ultra-Orthodox, Russian speaking, LGBT and secular- each echoed a shared commitment to promoting pathways towards ending violence in the region.

Richard Bullick, former Special Adviser to the First Minister of Northern Ireland, was also invited to attend the workshop, Richard provided his own unique insights to some of the challenges to the peace process in Northern Ireland, and highlighted the risks that especially political parties and leaders have pursued in order to make the necessary compromises for resolving the conflict. A key insight from the Irish peace process, was how and why it is sometimes necessary to talk and engage with uncomfortable partners to end violence, even if they may be completely opposed to your ideals and positions.