On Tuesday 14th July 2020, Forward Thinking facilitated an online meeting between US-Evangelical pastors and H.E. Dr Mohammad Shtayyeh, Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority.

The aim of this meeting was to provide an opportunity for the US group to better understand Palestinian perspectives on annexation and on the overall conditions they perceive as necessary for Palestinian-Israeli and Palestinian-US relationships to improve.

The Prime Minister also presented the necessary guidelines upon which Palestinian counter-proposals to President Donald Trump’s peace plan have been developed.

The clear message was that annexation would cause irreparable damage to prospects for a two-state solution and poses a serious threat to stability in Palestine and the wider region. The pastors were able to share their own reflections on the Prime Minister’s remarks as well as their insights into the US Administration’s current thinking around the conflict.

This discussion was part of an ongoing dialogue that Forward Thinking is facilitating between US-Evangelical pastors and influential figures within Israel and Palestine. The ultimate aim of such engagements is to contribute to a more informed understanding of the conflict in the US context.