On Thursday 26th November, Forward Thinking convened the first session of the Tunisia Leadership Programme. This initiative  developed out of consultation with young Tunisian leaders who expressed their a desire for a space where they could learn from the experiences of others around the world, and meet with their peers to share experiences and perspectives.

Thursday’s discussion, led by Lord John Alderdice, explored the emerging challenges young Tunisians are facing, ranging from unemployment, political apathy, as well as failed reforms. Lord Alderdice’s expericences in conflict resolution and addressing the deficit of trust in reconciliation processes provided a crucial insight into post-conflict recovery.

The diverse group of Tunisian leaders, including members of parliament, local government, civil administration, political parties, civil society, and students, had an opportunity to ask Lord Alderdice’s perspective on the challenges they face. A key issue that was explored was how to build tolerance in a community that has been facing political divisions and economic pressures for some time.

From now until June 2021, members of this programme will have the opportunity each month to interact online with expert speakers. The speakers will share experiences and insights, with the aim of informing the work of Tunisian young leaders and stimulate their thinking .