Resilient Communities Project


As part of the UK ‘Building Bridges’ programme, which aims to improve the engagement of British Muslim communities with the political establishment, we are undertaking a new research project, ‘Resilient Communities’.

‘Resilient Communities’ will highlight what strong, confident and integrated Muslim communities look like and then work out what is needed to get there. In direct response to requests from community figures and government bodies who have taken part in Forward Thinking’s national parliamentary roundtables, the project will research and spotlight the principles and strategies underpinning effective examples of community cohesion at a grassroots level.

We want to hear from community stakeholders, with constituency, and activists across the UK in order to foreground what works, and why. Interviews will be conducted with participants from Bradford, Birmingham, Bolton, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Leicester, London and Manchester. We will develop a document of ‘best practice’ based on these interviews, and share the results of this research with local and national institutional bodies including media figures, local authorities, the Police, national policy makers and parliamentarians.  The interviews will be open-ended and loosely structured. Possible topics for discussion include youth work, building understandings of faith, building peer-to-peer relationships, addressing inter-generational issues, and providing a safe space for political and theological debate.

At a time when cuts have impacted heavily on access to community cohesion initiatives and government strategy continues to focus on counter-extremism approaches, it is more important than ever to support activities that develop integration, community cohesion and social inclusion.

If you would like to make a written submission to the research please download the link below and send your completed form to Eleanor Careless: