On 5th March 2021, Forward Thinking facilitated a workshop with Professor Sameer Abu Eisheh, discussing the current challenges posed by the forthcoming Palestinian elections and the opportunities to overcome themThe group included diplomats, officials and parliamentarians from the EU, UN, Britain, Ireland, Finland and Sweden. 

93% of eligible voters in the West Bank and Gaza have registered to vote in the upcoming Palestinian elections, which could end years of failed internal reconciliation attempts. Discussions highlighted the significance of the international community’s support, which will be vital in ensuring that democratic process prevails across Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Participants emphasised that the right of the Palestinian people to exercise their democratic choice in order to elect political representatives should be protected.  

Professor Abu Eisheh was appointed Minister of Planning for the Palestinian Tenth Government and the Eleventh (National Unity) Government in 2006-2007. Subsequently, he served as the former Acting Minister of Finance, former Acting Minister of Education and Higher Education, and former Acting Deputy Prime Minister. Since 2005, he has been a Professor in the Civil Engineering Department, An-Najah National University, Nablus.