On the 7th of April, a meeting of the Tunisia Young Leaders Programme was held, focusing on the challenges of working in coalition. This programme works with young, politically active, Tunisians and tries to help them develop a set of skills and experiences that will support the country’s new democracy.

Tunisia’s political system makes coalition government almost inevitable. However, in recent years, governments from all political affiliations have experienced frequent crises and deadlocks. Different parties and branches of government have struggled to reach a minimal consensus on what a programme of reform might look like, contributing to political stasis.

Recent workshops of the Tunisia Young Leaders Programme have been examining this challenge and developing participant’s theoretical understanding of coalition government.

The April 7th workshop divided the participants into politically diverse groups, which were set the challenge of agreeing on a common set of values, purpose and code of conduct to govern behaviour. The aim was to provide a practical opportunity for participants to try and implement the theories they have been examining.

Further workshops are planned in the coming weeks to continue developing participant’s understanding of this crucial issue.