On 27th July 2021, Forward Thinking hosted an online workshop with Seeds Association for Development and Culture, based in Nablus, and the House of Wisdom for Conflict Resolution and Governance, based in Gaza. Each nominated 20 men and women for a cross-Palestinian youth meeting, which was overseen by Forward Thinking at their invitation.  Both organisations brought a diverse range of participants to the session, representing a variety of professional, ideological and political backgrounds.  

During the discussion, the youth representatives delineated the main obstacles and challenges that they face today, including: the Israeli occupation; economic instability and unemployment; lack of youth representation in politics; political division and factionalism in Palestine; and the ongoing separation between the West Bank and Gaza. Forward Thinking is now working with Seeds and the House of Wisdom to identify useful next steps for the dialogue. 

Following the session, participants highlighted the importance of these joint workshops, which give diverse individuals in Gaza and the West Bank the platform to meet and identify shared challenges and opportunities.