Forward Thinking is a proactive, demand-driven, facilitative organisation that works:

  • To promote a more inclusive peace process in the Middle East.
  • To facilitate political dialogues in, and between, the Arab/Muslim and Western worlds.
  • To promote in the UK greater understanding and confidence between the diverse grassroots Muslim communities and the wider society including the Media and the British establishment.

Forward Thinking works holistically on the issues that arise out of our work in the MENA Region and the UK.

In the Middle East we work to create an inclusive climate where previously unengaged stakeholders in the region can be heard and involved in improving the prospects for peace. We attempt to engage all groups in a constructive dialogue to dispel myths, create better nuances of relevant issues both in the region and internationally, as well as providing opportunities where Israeli and Palestinian leaders and activists can share their expertise and experience with those in and outside the region.

Through the Forum, we operate a number of inter-cultural political dialogues, which bring together diverse communities from across perceived divides. Through these dialogues we seek to enable participants to identify shared challenges and opportunities, work towards better understanding, and develop practical initiatives in areas of mutual interest.

In the UK, the Forward Thinking team remains dedicated to empowering Muslim communities, organisations and individuals, by working with them to build long term and sustainable relationships with various government departments and policy makers.