On Tuesday 14 September, Forward Thinking held an online workshop with Dr Dalal Iriqat.  

Dalal Iriqat is Assistant Professor and Vice President of International Relations at the Arab American University Palestine (AAUP). Her research focuses on diplomacy, nation branding, mediation, and conflict resolution.  

This meeting was an opportunity to hear direct insights regarding Palestinian politics and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Participants discussed a range of issues, including the changing role of the US in the conflict, prospects for a two-state solution and the recently postponed Palestinian elections. The group also explored the role of social media, and the ways in which it has impacted reporting of events in Israel and Palestine.  

This meeting was the fifth in a series of workshops focused on conflict resolution and international politics that have been developed by Forward Thinking in response to needs highlighted by young people with whom we work. The aim of these meetings is to ensure that those with whom we work that have an interest in conflict resolution are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to create positive change. 


Speaker Biography:  

Dr Dalal Iriqat is Assistant Professor and Vice President of International Relations at the Arab American University Palestine (AAUP). Dalal is a weekly columnist at AlQuds Newspaper since 2016. Iriqat was identified as a Young Global Leader-World Economic Forum YGL 2021.  

She served as Senior Advisor on Strategic Communications at the PMO between 2017-18. She served as the Senior Policy Consultant for writing the Human Development Report UNDP for Palestine in 2015. Dalal taught at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration at Birzeit University between 2011-12. Dalal was elected President of the Diplomatic Academy of London Students’ Association in 2003. She was also a member of the students’ council at the University of Jordan in 2001.  

Iriqat is a founding member of the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network (MWMN), founding member for Palestine Experts for Education under Covid-19, Founding and Board member of the Policy and Conflict Resolution Studies Center PCRSC, board member of Lycée Franćais International of Ramallah, board member of Eco Peace Palestine and sits on the jury board of 3alArd initiative.  

Dalal Iriqat has a PhD in Public Administration from Paris I Sorbonne 2011, a Master’s degree in Diplomatic Studies from Westminster University in London 2004 and a Bachelor of Political Science from the University of Jordan 2003 and she continues to learn.