On Tuesday 2 November, Forward Thinking held an workshop with Rabbi Shem Tov Menachem – a special adviser on religious dialogue & diplomacy and a prominent figure within Israel’s Jewish orthodox community at the political and religious level.

This meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including the role religious leaders can play in transforming the conflict. Discussions focused on what a durable agreement to the conflict could look like, including the prospects for a two-state solution.

This meeting was the sixth in a series of workshops focused on conflict resolution and international politics that have been developed by Forward Thinking in response to needs highlighted by young people with whom we work. The aim of these meetings is to ensure that those with whom we work that have an interest in conflict resolution are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to create positive change.

Speaker Biography:

Rabbi Shem Tov Menachem is a special adviser and Chairman of the Rabbinate Union for Religious Dialogue & Diplomacy. He was previously Chairman of the Rabbis Committee for Inter-Religious Dialogue with the United Nations Development Programme, promoting mediation between Arabs and Israeli’s. Rabbi Shem Tov has run several delegations with prominent Rabbis to promote for Jewish diplomacy. Rabbi Shem Tov represents Orthodox ideals regarding the Arab/Israel conflict in various forums – panels in various universities and specifically to the international diplomatic community, he is also a Special advisor for the European diplomatic community in Israel.