On the 30th of November the House of Lords held a debate on the situation within Tunisia and the British Government’s current policies towards the country. The debate was expansive and informed, covering issues from the British Government’s current travel warning; to the need for greater economic support; to how cultural links might be strengthened through initiatives such as expanding English courses. We were gratified to note that Baroness Suttie, who had convened the debate, made reference to the work of Forward Thinking and an event we had organised for her to meet with a cross-party group of young Tunisian activists in her intervention.

A full transcript of the debate can be accessed here: https://hansard.parliament.uk/Lords/2016-11-30/debates/708AFDDF-0B2D-486A-BF33-B9C87074BDD4/Tunisia#contribution-3E5EF5EC-EA99-4340-B384-441B374FD1EA