On 5th December 2018, Forward Thinking convened a high-level working meeting on the humanitarian situation in Palestine bringing together representatives from the UN, UNRWA, and Director – level representation from the political and humanitarian departments of European and Gulf – MENA Foreign Ministries, and representatives from aid agencies working on the ground. The aim was to provide a confidential space for diverse institutions and governments to offer a frank assessment of the challenges needing to be addressed, the obstacles to doing so effectively, and the areas where further and deeper cooperation would make the response more effective.

Attached is the summary report of the meeting, outlining the key themes and challenges that were identified in discussions. The report is divided into three sections. The first section sets out the perspectives on the ground in the OPT and Gaza in particular, the second explores the challenges facing those organisations and agencies seeking to respond to these needs, particularly given the political context, and the third looks to areas where support and practical cooperation can be made more effective.

This meeting was conducted under Chatham House Rule. The account provided in this report reflects the views and opinions put forward by meeting participants themselves and does not necessarily represent the views of Forward Thinking.