On Thursday 16th July 2020, the Helsinki Policy Forum convened a meeting with parliamentarians from France, Germany, Tunisia, Turkey the United Kingdom met to discuss the importance of developing and implementing cohesive and unified political solutions for the conflict in Libya.

Mounting instability in Libya will not only pose security risks in neighboring countries, the tremors will also be felt across Europe. With different actors across Libya continuing to access weapons, participants outlined the imperativeness of respecting the UN Arms Embargo. In order to avoid widespread violence and bloodshed, violations of the terms of the embargo agreement must be stopped. Participants recommended that the UN framework be prepared to publish reports and evidence of those who violate the UN Arms Embargo.

With Libyans continuing to face widespread violence and destitution, it was recognized that the Berlin Process should reconvene as practicably as possible and that all parties involved should support processes targeted towards ensuring stability peace, reconciliation for the Libyan people. The need for appointing a UN Special Envoy to lead on this process is an essential step that needs to be addressed in order to reignite the productivity of this mission. Through this, the envoys can reconvene their meetings and outline the next steps based on the long conclusions and recommendations of the Berlin Conference.