On Monday 8th March, Forward Thinking convened an online panel discussion between Knesset candidate Sharren Haskel and a number of European Officials. Haskel, who recently left the Likud party to join former Likud Minister and MK Gideon Sa’ar’s recently established New Hope party, shared her own perspective on current political developments in Israel within the context of its 4th election in less than two years taking place on 23rd March. Topics explored included the Israeli government’s response to Covid-19, the new U.S President Biden’s administration, recent regional developments as well as a number of challenges and opportunities facing the country. Haskel also highlighted the New Hope party’s main political platform, its priorities, and some of the key reasons for its establishment.

Sharren Haskel was an MK for the Likud party from 2015- 2020. During this time has been a member of a number of Knesset committees including: the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee; the Joint Committee on the Regulation of Settlement in Judea and Samaria and the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee. She was also appointed Deputy Speaker of the Knesset in the 23rd Knesset.