On the 23rd of February, Forward Thinking visited Oman for meetings with the Ministry of Health of Oman, including with H.E. the Minister of Health of Oman, Dr Ahmed Al Saeedi.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the work of the Helsinki Policy Forum’s Health Working Group, and how it can support Oman’s efforts to develop the Global Health for Peace Initiative (GHPI).

The GHPI is a proposal, jointly developed by Oman and Switzerland that aims to use health cooperation as a tool of conflict resolution. This is seen as a priority for the Middle East, where almost two thirds of the region’s countries are directly or indirectly affected by conflict. The conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya alone have displaced more than 20 million people and left 35 million people in need of daily humanitarian aid.

The meetings identified several areas for possible future cooperation and possible priorities for the Helsinki Policy Forum to focus on.