On the 8th of March, a youth meeting of the Helsinki Policy Forum was held in Helsinki. Young leaders from European and MENA countries, including Finland, Egypt, Iran, Sweden, Türkiye, and the United Arab Emirates convened to discuss how to better incorporate youth perspectives in policy responses to address pressing global challenges.

During the meeting the group met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland, H.E Pekka Haavisto to discuss youth responses to climate change and how young people can be involved in policy making.

Two themes were discussed: the inclusion of young people in peace and security in accordance with UNSC Resolution 2250 and strengthening youth responses to climate change. Practical recommendations were identified and opportunities for strengthening the presence of youth in international decision-making forums were outlined. This includes participation in the upcoming COP28 conference in the UAE.

Greater intergenerational cooperation was emphasised as an important step for tackling global issues and the importance of inclusive and accessible youth engagement in climate action was emphasised.