On Monday 28th September, Forward Thinking in cooperation with the House of Wisdom facilitated an online workshop led by Professor Alain Lempereur. This session was part of a series of online negotiations training workshops aimed at providing capacity-building opportunities for political leaders in Palestine.

The workshop focused on how to develop a clear process for negotiations. Too often, negotiators focus only on the problems they seek to address without developing a process for how these will be resolved. To guide participants learning, Professor Lempereur introduced the ‘7 P’s for process’: purposes, principles, process methods, products, people and roles, planning and place. Consideration of these factors will help negotiators to structure their talks and work towards solutions more effectively.

Through participation in a negotiation simulation exercise, the group were also able to reflect on the importance of being prepared and building relationships with others during talks.

Professor Alain Lempereur is the Professor and Director of the Conflict Resolution and Coexistence Programme (COEX) at Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management. He is an affiliated faculty and executive committee member of the Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School. Over the last 25 years Alain has conducted consultative missions and training for several international organisations including UN agencies, NGOs, and national governments on conflict reconciliation.