We believe that a durable peace agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only be achieved through the active participation of those who are regarded as political or religious hardliners. The prime focus of our work in the Middle East is to promote a more inclusive peace process through dialogue with key Israeli and Palestinian stakeholders and political/religious leaders who previously had been unengaged.

Our key aims are:

  • To identify the issues preventing a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict at a regional and international level
  • To consolidate our relationships with hard-line Israeli and Palestinian groups and political leaders
  • To develop a broader network of contacts within the region among key political and faith-based leaders
  • To brief governments and other interested parties on our activities and offer an inside analysis of recent events
  • To provide safe spaces for dialogue away from the region.

We believe there can be no top down solution to this conflict. There is an urgent need to listen to and engage with those who are perceived as political or religious hardliners. An agreement capable of resolving and transforming the conflict fundamentally requires the active engagement of multiple levels of leadership on both sides and the full participation of all political and faith-based leaders at each stage of the process.