We are offering a combined programme of political literacy and media training to young leaders, aged 18-30, from under-represented and disadvantaged communities, including those from the UK’s diverse Muslim community and foster care leavers.

Our aim is to equip young leaders rooted within grassroots organisations with the skills and confidence to engage, with impact, key decision makers in regional and national political and media spheres to evoke positive change in their communities.

What is involved?

  1. Political literacy workshops: Delivered by Model Westminster, our workshops help young leaders understand how government works, its language, the interests that shape it and how to influence it.
  2. Media literacy workshops: Delivered by Emily Buchanan, former BBC religious and world affairs correspondent, our media workshops give insight on ‘how to think like a journalist’, teach participants how to produce good-quality amateur footage and copy and practice interview techniques on camera.
  3. Regional and National Roundtables: Participants can then put learnt skills into action to discuss their priorities with key decision makers first at the regional level and then at the national level- participating in roundtables that bring together participants with relevant local institutions, parliamentarians, policymakers and media figures to discuss key issues.

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Our work is generously supported by the John Ellerman Foundation.